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Margin Financing (Credit Balance)

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Credit Balance (Margin Account) For a credit balance account, the broker lends the investor cash to purchase securities. The brokerage firm charges interest on the borrowed cash for as long as the loan is outstanding. The investor must deposit collateral (cash or securities) as per the minimum amount required.

Steps to open a credit balance account


Open an account

Apply to open a credit balance account


Place collateral of 50%

Place collateral or (cash/securities margins) of 50% before trading stocks


Purchasing power calculation

Once margins have been placed, clients’ purchasing power calculation is:
Purchasing Power (PP) = Cash & Stock Gains + credit lines


Stock trading

Clients can trade stocks offline with our marketing officers or online via Internet Trading. Purchasing Power (PP) is applicable for stocks on our Marginable List.


Interest rates

Clients’ cash position will receive interest based on market rates as announced.


Reports for stock activities

1.Stock trading confirmation
2.Outstanding stock holdings and margin balances
3.Monthly notice on interest received on cash or interest paid on margin financing
4.Notice on any withholding taxes

Interest Rate for Margin Loan

The List of Marginable Securities

Commission & Fee

For retail investors and non-institutional investors

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