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Equity is a security that represents ownership in a company. As proportionate owners of a listed company, common stockholders benefit from profit sharing through dividends and capital appreciation of stock prices. There are several types of stock trading accounts, as follow:

Cash Account

A cash account is an account where the investor must pay in full by the settlement date (T+2) the amount due on any transaction. Cash accounts require 20% collateral in the account before the first trading.

Cash Balance (Pre-paid/ Cash Deposit)

With a cash balance account, the investor is required to have the full amount for a trade on deposit prior to trading. The investor receives interest on the deposits in the account.

Credit Balance (Margin Account)

For a credit balance account, the broker lends the investor cash to purchase securities. The brokerage firm charges interest on the borrowed cash for as long as the loan is outstanding. The investor must deposit collateral (cash or securities) as per the minimum amount required.

Benefits of investing in stocks

  • Investment gains from capital appreciations and dividend receipts.
  • Ownership in a business.
  • Choice of investments in various business sectors and companies.
  • Liquidity when deciding to divest stocks to hold cash.
  • Protection against inflation through growth in the underlying business of stocks.

Risks in investing in stocks

  • Fluctuations in stock prices subject to the performance of the invested businesses, economic situations and stock market conditions.
  • Business performance and dividend payouts may not always be stable.

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