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Education and resources to help you become a more successful investor.

At DBSV we are serious about educating clients on the understanding of investment. We are providing investment courses, workshops to help you become more confident in your investment.

Education with Your Best Interest in Mind
Our courses focuses both theory and real life practice : Learn about a variety of investing topics below .

Course Topic Course Outline
Introduction to Investment Learn the difference between saving and investing, and the benefit of investing regularly.
Online/Mobile Trading DBSV offers innovative on-line trading tools, comprehensive research and chart, the power trading platform. Attend this course to learn how to maximize use of trading platform, find the tools that are available, gain more control of your trades.

Introduction to Technical
Interested in Technical analysis but don' t know where to start? Attend this course including workshop to learn the fundamental of basic technical analysis in order to help identify opportunities. Evaluate holdings, and access portfolio performance.

Technical Analysis -
Make more informed trading decisions with advanced technical analysis. Attend this workshop to enhance your knowledge for technical analysis, and entry/exit strategies.

Quarter Market Update
(Fundamental Analysis)
What were some of the economics themes of the past quarter? Review the recent economic backdrop, and hear a discussion about recent activity in the equities market. Tap into DBSV s knowledge, experience and expertise to gain on understanding of the economy and how you may best respond to the market.

Mutual Fund basics Learn what role mutual funds can play in your investment program, and factors to consider when crossing a mutual fund.

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