Streaming iPhone- Trade Anytime Anywhere The Powerful Mobile Trading Applications

We are pleased to introduce a new service “ Streaming iPhone ” the new application that gives you access to real time quotes news and chart and trade through iPhone – a value added service for those one the move. Streaming for iPhone application is available on App Store on September 11, 2009 onward. Features includes.

  • User friendly trading platform
  • Get what you need in an instant-right at you fingertips
  • Get an up-to-the minute market summary, quotes, news and chart
  • Trading on the Go – don’t’ miss out on trading opportunities. Place stock anytime, anywhere you go.
  • Convenient Portfilo Tracking
  • Customised Watch Lists or Favorites
  • Full support via E-mail and Telephone

Recommendation iPhone

  • iPhone or Ipod touch that have firmware version 2.2.1 up
    You can check the firmware veision by:

    1. Go to icon “Setting”
    2. Go to Menu “General” select “About”
    3. Check Firmware version

  • Able to access the App Store
  • Able to connect to internet

How to install/download the application “Streaming” for iPhone

“Streaming” for iPhone is available on the iPhone App Store.


  1. Realtime quotes & news
    1.1 Sum : Market Summary

    1.2 Watch : Favorite, Most active value, Most active volume etc.

    1.3 Bids : Bids & Offers

    1.4 Ticker

    1.5 Quote

    1.6 News

  2. Buy / Sell

  3. Portfolio : Portfolio and Order Status
    3.1 Portfolio

    3.2 Order Status

  4. Setting default i.e. NVDR, Save PIN, Confirmation Pop-up, Auto Full-Price, Chart etc.

You can download Streaming iPhone manual by click here !!

The new services will be continuously delivered to you on DBSVitrade. This is because we understand that timely information and comprehensive market update are important to our clients to make investment decision.

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