Guideline for log-in

Step 1: Fill in your "User Id" which contain of 7 numbers.

Step 2: Fill in your "Password" which must contain of at least 6 characters that can be comprised of letters (upper and lower case) and numbers but no space.

For first time log-in , your Password and PIN will be set up by DBSV (that contains of 8 numbers). After log-in, the system will force you to change Password and PIN, respectively. Please be recommended to change your password and PIN immediately otherwise you will not be able to access to our trading system.

Step 3: Select to login to the following start pages:-

(a) My Preference - Default start page as your preference which can be fast quote, market summary, intraday chart, and my favorite.
(To set up this page, please go to "My Corner", select "Change Preference")
(b)Streaming - Powerful trading plateform.
(c) Quicktrade - Powerful trading plateform designed by DBSV and execlusively for DBSVitrade's client only.
(d)My portfolio

Step 4: Click the box for if you would like your PC to remember Uer ID.

Step 5:
(a) Click Log In to log in to full features or
(b) Click DBSVQuickTrade to log in directly into trading platform.